Safety has become a significant issue in the construction industry. We take great pride in maintaining our excellent safety record, and invest a significant amount of resources and time to ensure that we meet and exceed all of the safety requirements mandated by law and the various safety programs of our customers. We take a proactive approach to training and enforcement which results in significant benefits to our company and employees.

Apprenticeship Training

We take great pride in our active participation and leadership in various apprenticeship training programs, including the Toronto area and Provincial Apprenticeship Training Councils, as well as our Terrazzo Tile Marble Trade School (TTMTS).

Apprenticeship training is key to ensure the future of our industry, and we are the proud recipients of the 2008 Minister's Apprenticeship Employer Recognition Award for our contributions and employment of apprentices in this area.

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Ottawa office: 1362 Barfield St. Ottawa, Ontario Canada K4P 1A1 T. (613) 821-5550